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More Than What You Eat

Feb 1, 2022

In today’s episode, Rachel chats with a past client, Kelsey, and reflects on Kelsey’s journey that led her to food freedom and body peace. They discuss Kelsey’s initial relationship with food and her body starting from childhood, and Kelsey shares the ways in which restriction and diet culture had negatively  impacted her life. 


Kelsey also opens up about the tips and tools that have helped her work through negative food and body image thoughts, what it feels like to finally give herself permission to eat emotionally & feel more in control when she does, and how inner child work really broke down body image barriers she previously had.


In this episode, we cover:

  • [4:13] Kelsey’s relationship with food, her body, and how it impacted her life
  • [7:14] Kelsey’s body’s response to restriction
  • [10:40] The big turning point that encouraged Kelsey to rewrite her beliefs around diet culture
  • [12:39] How Kelsey went from being aware to taking action
  • [13:28] What you think restriction is vs. what it really looks like
  • [15:15] When Kelsey started seeing a difference with her body image and relationship with food
  • [20:06] The tips and tools that helped Kelsey work through her negative thoughts
  • [27:46] Giving yourself permission to eat emotionally
  • [32:09] The turning point that changed Kelsey’s mindset
  • [35:24] How inner child work helped Kelsey break through body image barriers
  • [44:11] Why your body doesn’t exist for anyone’s viewing pleasure - including your own


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