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More Than What You Eat

Dec 27, 2023

Living with an inner critic in your mind that relentlessly makes you feel bad about your body.. 

That tells you how ‘bad’ you are for eating a slice of cake… 

That convinces you that you're weak, a failure, and not enough - is EXHAUSTING! 

But what if the way to rid yourself of these mean thoughts wasn’t to...

Dec 12, 2023

In this episode, Rachel covers: 

  • The difference between eating with freedom and eating with intuition (and why the 2 get confused)

  • When food freedom can turn into impulsive eating and red flags to look out for

  • Reasons you are stuck in the ‘eat what you want’ phase but still don’t feel physically good or...

Aug 3, 2023

The sooner you focus on the RIGHT things to build your business and work with dream clients, the sooner you’ll achieve that goal and live out your vision of success. 


Looking back, when I began my entrepreneur journey, I stalled my own success because I was focusing on the wrong things. Things I thought were...

Jul 25, 2023

When I shared a video of me cruising in my car, jamming to music, and expressing how thankful I am that I faced my fear of driving and am now able to relax and enjoy the ride - I did not expect to have people asking me how I overcame my fear of driving!


Apparently driver’s anxiety is more common than I thought. 


Jul 18, 2023

Do you feel like you are ‘good’ all week, even month, and then your period comes along and RUINS it all with intense cravings that send you spiraling into a binge and shame fest? 

One thing I WISH I knew years ago was that period cravings are NORMAL. 

It's so sad that as women diet culture conditions us to believe...