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More Than What You Eat

Jul 18, 2023

Do you feel like you are ‘good’ all week, even month, and then your period comes along and RUINS it all with intense cravings that send you spiraling into a binge and shame fest? 

One thing I WISH I knew years ago was that period cravings are NORMAL. 

It's so sad that as women diet culture conditions us to believe that all we need is more "willpower" to beat period cravings.. or to eat some frozen grapes instead??? (um, how are we even comparing grapes to a big ol' bowl of trix? Do ya think my taste buds are dumb?!). 

It is this exact mindset that causes the period binges, {first_name}!

Now, while period cravings are normal, and you’ll understand WHY in this podcast episode… Binges are not. 

When you understand WHY you have cravings and how to honor them so that you don't spiral into chaotic eating and feeling even worse than you already are (periods are not fun to begin with!).. it is so empowering to then give your body what it needs without guilt or fear. 

Which is why I'm excited to bring back one of the most popular episodes on the podcast (and one of my personal favorite interview!!) with hormone specialist and Registered Dietitian Amanda Montalvo.

In this episode we cover:

  • understanding your hormonal changes at every part of your period cycle 

  • WHY you have cravings, specifically carbs (yes, there is a physiological REASON)

  • how to identify a hormonal imbalance (what's normal and what's not) and what to do about it

  • Reasons you are binge eating on your period (it's not because of your period) and how to break free of this cycle


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