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More Than What You Eat

Apr 12, 2022

Making assumptions about a person’s health based on their body size can be incredibly harmful. Not only are these assumptions based largely on weight stigma, but they ignore other health struggles an individual might be dealing with.


Dr. Gregory Dodell is a board-certified endocrinologist who joins us today to help us understand why taking a weight-neutral approach to endocrine issues is so important and more so, health promoting. 


This is an incredibly important episode that helps us understand just how harmful weight stigma is in the medical and health care systme, and why it’s important to treat patients with a weight-neutral approach - and how to do so, starting with our own internal belief system!


In this episode, we cover:

  • [3:03] Taking a weight-neutral approach in his practice as an endocrinologist
  • [9:12] Why there’s a higher risk of eating disorders in diabetic and PCOS populations
  • [11:17] Why we’re all meant to be different shapes and sizes and what that means for diet recommendations
  • [13:12] What is weight stigma and how does it have a negative impact on health
  • [19:59] Understanding endocrine issues and where they stem from
  • [26:07] Does weight ever worsen a condition?
  • [28:25] The difference in measuring progress with a weight-neutral approach


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