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More Than What You Eat

Aug 2, 2022

Do you feel like diet culture has stolen a part of your life?


Do you believe that if it weren’t for a certain person in your life who made comments about your body size and food, or perhaps certain experiences that made you feel like your body is wrong or you aren’t ‘good enough’ for not having more self discipline to stop ‘eating so much’, then you would not have had to deal with your current struggles with food and body image? 


It’s so easy to feel like a victim of diet culture in whatever way it has manifested and showed up in your life. In many ways, if you’ve experienced such encounters, you have been a victim. 


But where is the line drawn between acknowledging victimization and having that turn (even subconsciously) into victimhood? 


Your mindset and how you relate to  your past experience, and how you choose to move forward, play such a huge factor in your healing journey and being able to reclaim your power back from diet culture. 


Let’s be clear, victimization doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve experienced only one extremely traumatic event in your life. Victimization can arise from any negative experiences that contribute to self-sabotaging behaviors - including diet culture and how that damage is continuing to impact your current behavior.


In today’s episode, Rachel walks you through the differences between victimization and victimhood, why its important to identify the difference and how address each one in your food-freedom journey, including the two important steps to take to change your mindset - so you can truly let go of diet culture’s grip in your life and take back the narrative to live a healthy, happy, free, and full life that you deserve!

In this episode we cover: 


  • [1:31] The difference between being victimized and victimhood
  • [3:55] The importance of validating victimization and differentiating that from self-sabotaging behaviors that fuel a victimhood mentality - how do we do that?
  • [5:00] How to resolve self-sabotaging behaviors in relation to food
  • [12:00] How to take ownership of your past experiences in order to break free of victimhood

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