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More Than What You Eat

Aug 30, 2022

You’ve probably heard this common diet advice a million times “it's all about calories in, calories out”. 


You go on diet plans that give you an allotted calorie amount you can eat, and then you obsess over nutrition facts labels and find you’ve turned into a human calculator adding up numbers all day and spending your energy making sure you don’t go over that number.


It’s quite exhausting, isn’t it? 


You’ve been told it's all in the name of health… but is it?? 


And do you really need to count calories to achieve YOUR healthy weight? 


Have you actually ever asked yourself, what actually IS a calorie? What does it do? And what actual importance does it have in my overall health if I’m not attaching it to size?


If you’ve been stressing about counting calories or have ever felt guilty for eating a snack that has ‘too many calories’, this podcast episode is for you!! 


This episode sheds light on the actual role of calories as it relates to your health, and will help you change the way you evaluate the foods you choose to eat based on more than just the number of calories.


You’ll also understand how our bodies use calories, the importance of learning to listen to our hunger and fullness cues, and what happens to your health and weight when you eat in alignment with your body’s needs.

In this episode we cover: 


  • [2:25] What a calorie is, how it functions within the body, and how your body regulates calories
  • [4:00] What processes are happening in your body when you are hungry
  • [5:54] Should you be micromanaging calories to help regulate weight or not and what happens when you begin to eat in alignment with your body’s needs
  • [8:55] How calorie deficits actually affect the psychological and physiological mechanisms in your body

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