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More Than What You Eat

Dec 13, 2022

Past client Yael, shares her inspiring journey to food freedom and body peace! 


The moment Yael realized that she was simultaneously obsessed with and afraid of food, and how unhealthy that was, was the moment that her life shifted for the better. She knew she couldn’t tackle her food rules and fears on her own, so she reached out for help.


In this episode, Yael shares about growing up in diet culture and how she overcame her food rules and fears. She shares specific steps she took to overcome fear of food rules and weight gain and is now able to eat freely in a way that serves her and feels good - and most importantly, allows her to live in alignment with what truly matters to her in life. 


If the idea of reaching full food & body freedom feels overwhelming and you doubt yourself and ask: Is it possible for me


The answer is YES! If it’s possible for Yael then it’s possible for you too - this episode will not only inspire you, but also provide you with actionable tips that have helped Yael heal and will help, too! 

In this episode, we cover:

  • [4:43]  Yael shares a bit about herself.
  • [6:00]  How Yael originally became ensnared in diet culture.
  • [9:26]  The moment that Yael realized that she needed help to heal her relationship with food and body 
  • [15:50]  Yael shares why she feared weight gain. 
  • [21:43]  What helped Yael ease into allowing herself to eat carbs after restricting for so long. 
  • [41:33]  How Yael dealt with & overcame the emotional-social aspects of her disordered eating.
  • [45:13]  How Yael handled her family’s comments about her body size changing.
  • [1:04:33]  How Yael was able to realize her dream of going to culinary school and how she navigated eating intuitively during this experience.