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More Than What You Eat

Jun 7, 2022

How many times have you mentioned “Intuitive Eating” and the response was “that doesn’t work for me! I’d just eat cakes and cookies all day. No thanks!”? Or maybe you’re reading this as a newbie to IE feeling like it just doesn’t add up to living a healthy life… 

Whichever it is, this is a common response - and misconception! - from anyone who doesn’t actually understand what Intuitive Eating is! Which is a shame because that means they are potentially missing out on something that can be incredibly life changing in the most amazing and meaningful way! 

I’m hoping this long overdue episode will change that. 

Today, I’m discussing what Intuitive Eating is for anyone who is just hearing about it for the very first time or doesn’t fully understand it and is open to learning more. 

I’m sharing the foundational blocks of Intuitive Eating (that go beyond one social media post), starting with what it means and where did the term first start. I review each of the 10 principles that make up the Intuitive Eating framework. Understanding these 10 principles is key to seeing how nuanced IE really is. 

If you’re new to intuitive eating and food freedom, I share some red flags to help you recognize someone’s awareness and expertise on the subject as far as Intuitive Eating is concerned.

Lastly, I share tips for you if you’re just taking your very first steps into your own intuitive eating journey. 

Whether you’re a complete newbie or you’ve already been on your own intuitive eating journey for a while, this episode is an excellent reminder of the foundational blocks of Intuitive #ating and what it REALLY requires to find food freedom, body peace, and a healthy happy life.

In this episode, we cover:

  • [3:36] What is intuitive eating and where did it first start?
  • [7:33] The 10 principles of the intuitive eating framework
  • [25:19] Why intuitive eating is not a linear journey
  • [26:18] Recognizing red flags when intuitive eating is concerned
  • [33:53] How and where to get started with intuitive eating


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