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More Than What You Eat

Jun 5, 2023

How many times have you said to yourself…


‘If I had more time I would launch my business’

‘If I had more time, I would work out’

‘If I had more time I’d prepare more nourishing meals’

‘If I had more time I would start that instagram account’

‘If I had more time I would go on date night’


I get it. Life can get BUSY! As a mom of 4 who is also running a business, don’t I know it! 


I often get asked: “Rach, how do you do it all?”


I’ll tell you this much right now - I absolutely do NOT do it all. And that’s part of how you get what MATTERS done! 


In fact, time management was one of my biggest struggles. If I’m honest, it is still a work in progress as life only gets busier but I am getting better at it and I’ve recently had major breakthroughs that has reduced the stress around it! 


It requires LOTS of mindset shifts and practical strategies in order to make time for what you need to get done that will contribute to continued progress toward your dreams and goals so that you are living an aligned life you feel good about! 


Today I’m sharing with you what those mindset shifts and strategies are and HOW to know what actually matters to you… as well as why I took an unplanned break from podcasting for 5 MONTHS (and no, it was not because I had ‘no time’). 


In this episode we cover: 


  • The real reason you’re stressing out about your endless to-do list - and how to release that stress

  • The mindset shifts you need to prioritize the correct things that actually matter. 

  • Detaching your self worth from your productivity 

  • Letting go of the martyr mentality that you may not even be aware you have

  • Why I have been MIA for the last 5 months and the limiting beliefs I had to overcome to come back. 

  • Why a morning routine is NOT what you should focus on to be more productive (and what you should focus on instead that will maximize your efficiency in the morning + all day long)

  • Practical tips to set up your day for success so you can be efficient with your time and get what matters done! 


If you’ve ever felt like you just ‘don’t have enough time’ to get what you want done and its overwhelming and stressing you out - this episode is a game changer and you’ll want to tune in!


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